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David Adler to Moderate Panel on Monetizing Original Content & New Media

On May 6th, 2010, David Adler will be the Moderator at the Digital.Hollywood Panel “Monetizing Original Media: Broadband, Viral, Episodic Programming, Content & Advertising.” The conference is being held in Santa Monica California.

The Panel will discuss critical issues facing the industry, such as:

  1. Who’s watching what and where (or how)?
  2. How much should content providers charge/how much are consumers willing to pay?
  3. How do consumers find their favorite media content?
  4. Will New Media ventures stand alone or will they remain the hand-maidens of traditional media?
  5. Is there such a thing as too much innovation and change?

The Panel features a distinguished set of speakers:

Patrick Bardwell, Slebisodes, The Web Guide for Web Series
Josh Spector, Senior VP of Content and Marketing,
Jason Peterson, founder and president, GoDigital

Look here for post-event synopsis and analysis.

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One Response to “David Adler to Moderate Panel on Monetizing Original Content & New Media”

  1. Yes, I’ll be there. Looking forward to discussing these “Holy Grail” questions and hearing perspectives from my fellow panelists.

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