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DIY Indie Film Marketing: Blogging rewards and risks

Most indie filmmakers do not have a big budget to market their film. Even if the money was there, it  would soon become obvious that ads are not that effective. While many see media relations (aka press relations, PR) as free advertising, it is more complicated than that. You may get mentioned in the media (articles, columns, radio stories, or videos) but only if your story has a “hook”.

“DIY” is the most often sued tool in the indie Filmmaker’s toolbox. Filmmakers have been “doing it themselves” for years, especially when it comes to marketing.

Many Filmmakers are turning to the Internet to break through the clutter and get their work seen, and rightfully so. One approach is to build audiences around films through the Internet. The recent trends of low-cost storage and access, combined with increased bandwidth and a mushrooming of user-generated content and social networking sites have created an unprecedented number of tools and services that can be used to promote and build audiences for your film.

But these tools are not without risks. If blogging is part of your marketing plan, if your business sends free samples to bloggers or if you hire endorsers or spokespeople, then you need to know about Federal Trade Commission guidelines surrounding paid endorsements. Read the interview of David M. Adler that was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine on this subject.


About The Author

David M. Adler, Esq. is an attorney, author, educator, entrepreneur and partner at Adler & Franczyk, LLC, a boutique intellectual property law firm based in Chicago, Illinois. With over twelve years of legal experience, Mr. Adler created the firm with a specific mission in mind: to provide businesses with a competitive advantage by enabling them to leverage their intangible assets and creative content in a way that drives innovation and increases the overall value of the business.

Mr. Adler has an extensive private-practice and in-house background counseling clients on corporate and intellectual property law, including corporation and LLC creation and finance, contract interpretation, drafting, negotiation and enforcement as well as copyright and trademark registration and enforcement. Mr. Adler also specializes in advising artistic talent and creative professionals in the arts, entertainment, media and sports industries.

Outside the practice of law, Mr. Adler created and taught an undergraduate course on E-Business in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management Department of Columbia College Chicago. He also chaired the Chicago Bar Association’s Start-up and Entrepreneurial Ventures Subcommittee, frequently contributes as a “guest expert” columnist for numerous online publications in the areas of ecommerce, intellectual property and small business and periodically speak to industry and trade groups and associations on these topics.

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