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Online Video Legal News Update

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Recent Headlines in the Nascent World of Online Video Legal Issues.

No law against online piracy in Ireland: High Court judgment has found that laws to identify and cut off internet users illegally copying music files are not enforceable in Ireland.

UFC sues British man over online streaming of eventsLas Vegas Sun – Lawsuit alleges defendant will similarly offer an unauthorized ‘live streaming’ video of UFC 120 on Oct. 16, the date of the event (in London).

US anti-P2P law firms sue more in 2010 than RIAA ever didArs Technica – The clients are charged nothing, instead getting a percentage of whatever revenue the law firm can collect by going after those sharing the film online.

French music industry reaches deal with YouTube: TMCnet – “This deal shows again SACEM’s will to favor legal use of works on the
Internet, in particular on video sharing sites,” SACEM President Bernard Miyet said.

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