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Indie Film, Filmmaker and Film Festival News Roundup

‘Elfquest’ Fan-Filmmakers Officially Acquire The Comic’s TV/Film Rights

After years of waiting for a big studio production of ElfQuest, fans and web TV producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes took matters into their own hands by creating their own short film based on the indie comics perennial by Wendy and Richard Pini.

Pontchartrain Film Festival debuts to rave reviews

On day two, a Filmmakers Forum was led by independent film producer Jed Riffe of California and included Louisiana filmmakers Courtney Egan and Allison Bohl, UNO Film Department Artist-in-Residence Danny Retz, and OTAC Digital Arts instructors Bob …

Filmmaker Rob Savage in Strings success at the Raindance Film Festival
This is Gloucestershire

And the movie, Strings, which he started working on two years ago, has now been nominated for an honour at this year’s British Independent Film Awards in December. Rob, a film student at the University of Gloucestershire, wrote, directed, filmed and …

Budding filmmakers planting roots in Houston area
MyFox Houston

Now, small studios, production companies and animators are luring independent film projects with the promise of enthusiastic local support. “The community model, and what we’re doing here … we try to get the economics right,” film producer Frank Eakin …

Wild Rose Film Festival underway in Des Moines
Radio Iowa

Kim Busbee is director and co-founder of the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, now in its 10th year in Des Moines, which showcases actors and filmmakers from Iowa — and from around the globe. There are over 400 entries and 37 films screening.

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