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Upcoming Entertainment Law Seminar

Entertainment Law Seminar: What In-House Lawyers Must Know About Exploiting Creative Content 

One of Chicago’s leading Entertainment Lawyers  David M. Adler, is pleased to announce an upcoming Entertainment Law seminar this fall, 2020.

This seminar, geared for in-house counsel tasked with managing a broad range of Intellectual Property, Marketing, Branding and Promotions efforts, deals with the role of attorneys and agents, personal and intellectual property rights, motion picture production and distribution, television rights and procedures, literary publishing, and music publishing and sound recordings. The seminar will also examine technological developments and contract negotiation tips.

This Seminar is FREE, but it is INVITATION-ONLY and currently limited to in-house counsel. Space is limited!


T/B/D Fall 2020



For more information, contact:

David M. Adler, JD, CIPP/US
Safeguarding Ideas, Relationships & Talent® 
300 Saunders Road, Suite 100
Riverwoods, Illinois 60015
Phone & Fax: (866) 734-2568
Admin [at]


One Response to “Upcoming Entertainment Law Seminar”

  1. When are you coming to Los Angeles? Please put me on the list since I invest in entertainment. Thank you, Gregory Santana

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